Gyorgyi Marek

        Mixed media Artist 

        Art  teacher


I was born  in Budapest and left my homeland in my twenties  with my husband and our two small children to start a new life in Melbourne. Life was tough to create a new existence for our family. It was not until my early fifties when pursuing a lifelong dream to be an artist, I went back to study visual art at Victoria University, with an overseas semester at VIU in Nanaimo, Canada.

This experience is a major influence on my art to this day.

 Before that I had a career  in the fashion industry and fabrics are a big part of my art practise too.

When I’m outside, I take photos and collect natural objects. Even when I make abstract, influenced by nature’s colours and textures. 

I lived in four countries and believe, home is a concept, not a physical place. I feel home wherever I am. What’s important for me is to leave my marks behind.