Gyorgyi Marek

Mixed media Artist 

Art as Medicine teacher, Chakra healer


It was only in my early fifties when I decided to pursue a lifelong dream to be an artist,  went back to study and completed my visual art degree at Victoria University. Having received a scholarship for a semester, I travelled to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. That experience was a major influence on my art, continues to this day, as well as my Hungarian heritage. I’ve been a sensitive person to my ever changing environment. Living in four countries and moving ten times, including leaving my homeland forever for Australia, I experienced many stress and anxiety in my life. I’m constantly on the search about how to be stronger physically, emotionally, mentally. I started combining my two big passions, making art and self developing strategies including chakra healing and creative visualization.

I enjoy the interaction, and to find the story behind every person through their individual creativity.  When I do a one on one session I understand how crucial it is to stay respectful, open minded and flexible. Art is about exploring who we are, while having fun in a relaxed and safe environment. My passions contributes to my well being every day, and is something I am passionate about sharing.