Gyorgyi Marek

Mixed media artist
Art teacher

My artworks are inspired by my love and respect for nature, particularly landscapes, and its elements: form, movement, colour, light, and texture. I enjoy painting, photography, and digital imaging, and I am particularly drawn to the spontaneity and movement that occurs when colours and abstract forms are created randomly.

Working from memory and inspired by the photographs I take outside, I use mediums in a fluid and playful experimental way that allows for unexpected results and creates a mood. My paintings are less about what I have seen and more about my place in the world and the symbolic representations and documentation of my inner space.

I use many different mediums in my small studies, such as watercolour, monoprint, collage and textiles. Formerly I had a career in the fashion industry.

My digital images are created by manipulating multiple photographs and layers.

In the future, I plan to experiment with mixing mediums, such as digital with painting or textiles, and creating design installations using vintage materials.

I am deeply moved by environmental issues, and I want to create projects to raise awareness about our environment and our own health.
Another experiment I am considering is repurposing my personal memorabilia, such as old letters, photos, cards, and notes, to give them new life and document my thoughts, feelings, and memories from the past.

I am inspired by artists such as Arthur Boyd, Csontváry Kosztka, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Berit Myreboe, David Atkins, Cas Holmes and Mark Dion.